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There is no added commission that you are required to play. It is just your investment and your profits.

Fractional share trading

Get started with fractional share trading to make big profits.

Decision-making technology

We use the support of AI to help you make the best decisions and recommend you the stocks that are worth your money.

Broad choice of investments

When there are so many choices for investments, you cannot go wrong. A profit is just an investment away.

Industry-leading execution quality

The platform has been curated by the experts in the industry who themselves have profited from trading.

Active investor insights

Get regular information from the different investors and the aspects they take into consideration to make investments work for them.


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Weekend trading

You do not have to invest your whole time in trading. Just sit down whenever you find time and reap the profits.

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We have the least minimum trading requirement in the industry. You cannot miss out on this big opportunity.

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