Daughters in Charge is committed to helping women like you find personal and professional fulfillment and financial success as a leader in your family’s business.

When your family owns a business, your career path may be decided at birth. You may decide on your own to work in the family business, and perhaps, to take on a leadership role. Or, you may decide to work in another organization, with the hope of being an owner in your family’s business one day. Another possibility is that you’ll be asked to take over when a family member can no longer work due to illness or unexpected circumstances.

Women who work in their family’s businesses often have many opportunities, but with those opportunities, come many choices. Daughters in Charge is here to help you think things through and make the decisions that are right for you and your family… as well as for your career.

Get the Coaching and support you need to thrive in your family’s business

Daughters in Charge was started with one goal in mind: to support women like you as you grow, learn, and develop in your family’s business.

About Amy

Amy KatzHi, I’m Amy Katz. I have been a consultant to family businesses for fifteen years and I have a true appreciation for the special challenges and opportunities that working in a family business can bring. I began my professional career with a Master’s in Social Work, which gave me a deep understanding of family dynamics and the way families shape our lives at home and at work. After receiving my Ph.D. in Social Psychology, I worked as a consultant and coach with a wide range of organizations in business, government, academic, and family business settings. While facilitating a mastermind group of talented women working in their family’s businesses, I discovered my true passion: helping daughters and other women working in their family’s business lead in those businesses with confidence and clarity.

We’ll work together to help you:

  • Manage your role in your family’s business
  • Develop your confidence as a leader
  • Cope with stressful and emotional family matters
  • Manage and sustain your career growth
  • Handle financial matters, such as taxes, trusts and ownership

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