What’s Most Important to Your Success? | Alison Gerlach | Episode 029

Theme: Creating Value in Family Businesses

Summary: A strategic management consultant and serial entrepreneur discusses the importance of creating value in a family business and how women can position themselves as leaders.

Featured Guest: Alison Gerlach, host of “The Unapologetic Capitalist” podcast, management consultant, and speaker on women in business

Key Quotes:

  • “Financial discussions with your family are difficult. There are added layers of family dynamics and politics..they’re the ‘uninvited guests’. The most successful discussions are the ones that can focus on the longevity of the business as a business creating value.
  • “Success is the first part of the word of succession.”
  • “Sometimes we care so much what other people think of us. The problem is when we prioritize those needs over the importance of being productive and creating value. Woman can focus their talent and effort on the work…let the work speak for itself.”

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