Are You and Your Family Business At Risk? | Moira Gettens | Episode 020

Theme: Is Your Family Business At Risk?

Summary: Moira Gettens, an insurance advisor, offers suggestions about how to make sure that you and your family’s business are protected from risk.

Featured Guest: Moira Gettens, Sales Executive with Oswald Companies
Organization: Oswald Companies
Contact:  440-503-3678; email

Key Quotes:
  • “We find insurance is always the last thought on most people’s mind.”
  • “Many more women are making the decisions on insurance (personal and commercial), because of their nurturing and concern.  For them, it’s less of a transaction and more of a process.”
  • “In looking around for an advisor, look for someone you feel comfortable with and who will be responsive, and who will bring up new ideas and make sure you’re on the forefront of that industry.”

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