What It Takes to Prepare a CEO | Tacy Byham | Episode 046


Theme: The Best Preparation for Becoming CEO

Summary: Tacy Byham, an industrial/organizational psychologist like her dad, is now CEO of DDI, a global talent management organization. She describes her thorough preparation for the role of CEO.

Featured Guest: Tacy Byham, CEO of DDI and co-author of “Your First Leadership Job: How Catalyst Leaders Bring Out the Best in Others.

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Website: www.ddiworld.com
Key Quotes:

  • “Authenticity as a trait is a behavior that we can display to others. People see that and know whether they can trust you.”
  • “Research tells us that more stress comes from getting promoted. That challenge is absolutely real.”
  • “If you’d like your children to become part of the family business …be careful about what behaviors they’re observing!”

How working for your Mom can be a great career move | Sadie Ferguson | Episode 045


Theme: Deciding to Work for Your Mom

Summary: Sadie Ferguson, a social worker now working in her mother’s successful flower shop, describes how working with her mother is allowing her to develop her interests and passions and nurturing her entrepreneurial spirit as well.

Featured Guest: Sadie Ferguson, Robin Wood Flowers
Contact:  sadie@robinwoodflowers.com
Website: www.robinwoodflowers.com
Key Quotes:

  • “The challenge for me was determining if I was ready to change my work identity, from social work to entrepreneurship.”
  • “My mom and I are good friends; I worried that some of that would be threatened when I joined. It’s interesting getting to know her as a professional, not just as my mom.”
  • “I’m satisfied, and I have an entrepreneurial spirit that is growing…and I didn’t know that that would happen.”

A banker-and an image consultant-discusses how your professional image affects your business-and you | Kristie Sheanshang| Episode 044


Theme: How your image affects your business

Summary: Kristie Sheanshang, a private banker-and an image consultant-discusses how your professional image can make a difference in how you feel at work, and how others do, too.

Featured Guest: Kristie Sheanshang, stylist, speaker, and private banker
Contact:  www.dare4flair.com
Key Quotes:

  • “You might be tempted to fit in with your team, but as a leader, you might be better off dressing to a higher standard-not business casual.”
  • “Boundaries are a big part of my life. I try to be present when I’m home. I outsource tasks I don’t like.”
  • “So many times in bank meetings, daughters don’t speak up. Prepare some questions, be involved, get on the agenda. Advisors are a resource. They would love to help you-but often don’t know how.”

How a Daughter Became a President | Kristy Knichel | Episode 043


Theme: How a Daughter Became a President

Summary: Kristy Knichel, President of Knichel Logistics, discusses what she learned from her dad, and what led her to make the choices that have helped the company adapt and thrive.

Featured Guest: Kristy Knichel
Contact:  724-449-3300, ext. 222 or kknichel@knichellogistics.com
Key Quotes:

  • “I felt like I always had something to prove to my dad; there were times when even customers and vendors didn’t want to work with me because I’m a woman in a male-dominated industry.” 

  • “There’s a way to get the job done and be respectful about it.  I tell people we’re successful because of our employees. They’re more valuable than anything. I consider our employees and our vendors our customers.” 

  • “My husband was a stay-at-home father for two years; now he has his own business. We take turns.  We have a 50/50 agreement-it was our agreement before we had our son. 

How a Family Champion Can Benefit Your Family Enterprise | Dr. Joshua Nacht| Episode 042


Theme: The Emerging Role of the Family Champion

Summary: Dr. Joshua Nacht discusses his research on what he calls “the family champion”, and the impact of this role on supporting the family relationships and connections that help to perpetuate and sustain business families.

Featured Guest: Dr. Joshua Nacht, steward, scholar, and family business consultant
Contact:  Ph: 303-868-5517 email: jonacht@gmail.com.
Key Quotes:

  • “The family champion is not a leader of the business; it’s a family member who says ‘we can do better’ and takes a more active and engaged role as an owner. That aspect of taking initiative is key.”
  • “In my research, the gender of the family champion didn’t matter; the right person emerged for their family.”
  • “Family systems evolve over time. They’re not static. We have to appreciate where the family is now.”

How a Father is Encouraging his Daughter to Lead the Family Business | Sarah & Tony Dunser| Episode 041


Theme: Grooming a Daughter to Take Over

Summary: A father and daughter discuss the experiences and choices that led them to work together and to prepare her to take over the family business.

Featured Guest: Sarah Dunser and Tony Dunser
Organization: True Grit Inc.
Website: www.truegritinc.net
Contact:  truegrit2@cableone.net
Photo: Photo by: Luisa Porter/Columbus Dispatch Staff
Key Quotes:

  • Sarah: “I asked my dad, what would it take for me to run the business, and he said ‘get a degree, any degree’. So I got my degree in chemical engineering.”
  • Tony: “We tried to groom her from day 1 to take on to take over my job. She’s always had an interest…she’s not a girly girl; getting her hands dirty is not a problem.”
  • Sarah: “I hope I can grow the business, I hope we can hire more people, take in more work, and provide better customer service.
    I pay attention to detail now-are we doing the job right, are we making money or losing money-I see a lot more now.”
  • Tony: “I hope Sarah gets us into a different field of work. With Sarah’s background and effort that she can get us into new areas. She has brought an intellect into this company that we’ve never had.”