A Professional Coaching Program Exclusively For Women in Family Businesses. Daughters working in their family’s business experience both unique opportunities and challenges. If you’re preparing to become a senior leader in your family’s business, or in line to become the CEO, Daughters in Charge offers a coaching program designed specifically for you.

The Benefits:

Through your coaching experience,you’ll learn to:

Develop your leadership presence with employees, clients, and customers.
Improve your influence skills.
Strengthen your relationships with family members so they recognize your talents and let you lead.
Establish credibility with owners, advisors, and board members.
The Program:
Four confidential coaching sessions with Amy Katz, President of Daughters in Charge, scheduled over a three month period.
An objective assessment of your strengths and challenges, customized to meet your unique needs.
A Professional Development Plan, tailored for you.
One follow-up meeting to support your success.

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