DiC 005: Penny Friedman – Ignite Philanthropy Advisors

Theme: Developing a plan for philanthropy within your family’s business can lead to meaningful conversations about your family’s values…and yours.

Summary: Penny Friedman, a trusted advisor to family businesses, discusses current trends in philanthropy, the role that women can play in helping their families develop a plan for philanthropy, and the way that giving circles provide opportunities for women to mentor each other as they develop strategies for giving within their communities.

Featured Guest: Penny Friedman, Senior Advisor
Organization: Ignite Philanthropy Advisors
Website: www.ignitephilanthropy.com
Contact: pfriedman@ignitephilanthropy.com

Key Quotes:

  • “People want to be much more hands on with with where their money is going.”
  • “Daughters could learn a lot from joining giving circles…even if they don’t have a lot to contribute.”
  • “It’s important to ask, ‘Is this an organization I want to be involved in, or do I want to be involved in something that helps my business?’”

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