DiC 009: Dr. Kathy Overbeke – Generation Planning Strategies

Theme: What parents can do to assure that the family business does not become a source of conflict among their children, particularly when they have both daughters and sons. 

Summary: Hear how one daughter whose family owned a business became a pioneering researcher on women in family businesses and a consultant focused on helping family businesses thrive.

Featured Guest: Dr. Kathy Overbeke, Family Business Advisor & Research Fellow at Case Western University
Organization: Generation Planning Strategies & Case Western Reserve University
Contact: GenerationPlanningStategies@gmail.com; Overkess@aol.com; kathyann.kessler@case.edu.  Phone: 216-346-2092

Key Quotes:

  • “It’s easy to fall on gender norms to make decisions, but it doesn’t work very well.”
  • “It’s not that families want to undermine their daughters…they just don’t know how to include them in the system.”
  • “Creating a shared vision is very helpful…talking about the family’s hopes and dreams for the family and for the business..that framework that can help them solve problems.

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