DiC 011: Dr. Heather Christman – Miami University

Theme: You can build your own capacity as a leader by taking time every day to reflect on your behavior and how you handled a variety of situations and relationships.

Summary: Dr. Heather Christman describes her research on adult development, and her conclusion that learning to take criticism without denying it or taking it too personally can help women develop both as adults and as leaders.

Featured Guest: Dr. Heather Christman, Senior Associate & Director for Career Development & Employer Relations
Organization: Miami University
Website: www.miamioh.edu
Contact: christhs@miamioh.edu

Key Quotes:

  • “How do you engage in controversial conversations and dialogue in a civil way?  That’s one of the more difficult leadership capacities to develop.”
  • “From an early age you’re pre-programmed to take what your parents say as something that matters. It’s feedback you’ve taken in and you’ve cared a lot about.”
  • “Is the cost to you greater to not assert yourself, or is it greater to be who you are and to establish a new normal?”

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