Don’t be the Diva in your Family’s Business

A few weeks ago I attended a concert given by Megan Hilty. If you don’t know who she is, trust me, you will soon. Megan was a lead on Smash, the TV show about Broadway hopefuls working on a musical about Marilyn Monroe. She played an actress whose mother was a musical theater star. But this blog is not about that.

Megan Hilty is no hopeful-she’s definitely made it.

And she’s no diva, either. With her gorgeous voice, and her ability to sing a wide range of songs, Megan exudes both heart and soul. But what struck me in addition to her musical talent was Megan’s engaging conversation with her audience, and her obvious appreciation for the musicians who accompanied her. She was honest and funny, and when she mixed up a few words or phrases, she comfortably laughed at herself. And we all laughed right with her.

Megan has “presence.”

In leadership development circles there’s been a lot of talk about the need for leaders to develop “executive presence.” It’s a rather vague term, often confused with dressing well, giving perfectly worded speeches, and never losing your cool.

But what it really means is that someone has the kind of confidence that inspires you, and an easy, welcoming manner that draws you in. People with presence know how to make an impact, but they don’t “suck the air out of the room”. Megan was the star of the concert, but as we responded to her, she responded to us.

Megan Hilty is successful, but not only because of her vocal chords. She engages, she connects, and she manages her talents and her role with both poise and presence.

You can, too.

How would employees in your family’s business describe YOU?

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