What it’s Like to Be in Charge? | Elizabeth Wilson | Episode 034

Theme: Becoming President of Your Family Business

Summary: A daughter who grew up in an event rental company describes how her work and career experiences helped her build the skills that prepared her to lead the business and to work successfully with her husband.

Featured Guest: Elizabeth Wilson, President of All Occasions Rental

Contact: elizabeth.wilson@aorents.com

Key Quotes:

  • “You do have to be a different person depending on the person you’re managing. A good manager adapts her style”.
  • “Working with your spouse…and knowing when to turn on and off the business is something we struggle with. We’re still figuring that out.”
  • “One of my greatest challenges is focusing on vision. I tend to be a concrete thinker and enjoy solving problems. Because I’m comfortable there, I have to “flex the vision muscle”.

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