Finding Your Role In Your Family Business | Kelsea Mulhern | Episode 012

Theme: Take time to figure out if the family business is right for you. 

Summary:  A writer and visual artist describes how she and her parents found a way for her to contribute her artistic talents to their family’s real estate business.

Featured Guest: Kelsea Mulhern, Social Media Coordinator and Marketing Specialist
Organization: Mulhern’s Real Estate

Key Quotes:

  • “Real estate has always been part of our family life…I never expected to be in was kind of a ‘duh, aha’ moment.”
  • “I got licensed as a real estate agent…and now I see every transaction from its start to its end. The thing that struck me most was to see how my parents problem solve and communicate with each other.
  • “I’m really enjoying working with family and learning everything that they have to teach me, and bringing my own talents as well.”

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