How a Family Champion Can Benefit Your Family Enterprise | Dr. Joshua Nacht| Episode 042

Theme: The Emerging Role of the Family Champion

Summary: Dr. Joshua Nacht discusses his research on what he calls “the family champion”, and the impact of this role on supporting the family relationships and connections that help to perpetuate and sustain business families.

Featured Guest: Dr. Joshua Nacht, steward, scholar, and family business consultant
Contact:  Ph: 303-868-5517 email:
Key Quotes:

  • “The family champion is not a leader of the business; it’s a family member who says ‘we can do better’ and takes a more active and engaged role as an owner. That aspect of taking initiative is key.”
  • “In my research, the gender of the family champion didn’t matter; the right person emerged for their family.”
  • “Family systems evolve over time. They’re not static. We have to appreciate where the family is now.”

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