How a Life Plan Can Guide Your Career | Torri Hawley | Episode 023

For those of you who are in the early stage of your career, there’s a lot to learn from Torri Hawley’s experience.  She received some powerful feedback about her behavior, and she really “took it in”.  As a result, she’s made some surprising career choices that are bringing her the satisfaction and rewards of living according to her values. 
Theme: Does Your Job Reflect Your Values?

Summary: A daughter from a very successful family business discusses what and how she learned about herself and the impact that self-discovery has had on her career choices.

Featured Guest: Torri Hawley

Key Quotes:

  •  “I read the definition of success I wrote in my life plan…five years later, I’m in line with that.”
  • “Telling your mother ‘No, I can’t come home and help you fix the family issues’, is really difficult.”
  • “Don’t be afraid to put yourself in challenging situations that will humble you.”

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