How Establishing a Structure Can Help You Manage Personal and Business Challenges | Karen Buchwald Wright | Episode 016

Theme: Managing Personal and Business Challenges

Summary: Karen Buchwald Wright, President and CEO of Ariel Corporation, describes the structure she put in place when she took over her family’s business and how she is preparing her sons to lead as well.

Featured Guest: Karen Buchwald Wright, President and CEO
Organization: Ariel Corporation

Key Quotes:

  • “When you are the second generation, your challenge is have a structure and leadership. That was the real thing I had to figure out. None of that structure existed. There were some hurt feelings.”
  • “When you take over a business..people aren’t going to trust you right away-and vice versa. There’s a lot of turf-guarding that goes on.”
  • “One of things I wanted to do with the boys, was to have them have the experience working outside the business…to have a couple of bad bosses, to know what it’s like to be an employee and not an owner, and to not feel as if they’re just the kid.”

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