Learning to Lead in Your Family's Business

In this first book of the Daughters in Charge series, you’ll hear from daughters who are leading five successful family businesses all over the country and through their stories you’ll gain insights into how to navigate and nurture your own growth as a daughter in charge.

What to Expect – The Leaders in Learning to Lead in Your Family’s Business:

Karen Maier, VP of Marketing, Frisch’s Restaurants, Inc. Karen’s story highlights the importance—and the difficulty—of finding ways to get objective feedback on your performance from other family leaders and offers practical suggestions on how to make it a common practice in your family’s business.

Jennifer Yuengling & Wendy Yuengling Baker, D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc. Jennifer and Wendy’s story highlights what it’s like to work closely with siblings and how to navigate family and business relationships. This story also touches on succession planning and how this family is handling this inevitable and complex logistical and emotional change.

Deborah Brochstein, President & CEO Brochsteins, Inc. Deborah’s story is a lesson in how our lives can take unexpected paths, if we are open to them. Deborah’s transformation from a girl who never expected to join her family’s business to its President, is compelling and inspiring. Deborah’s leadership style illustrates the shift that has occurred in many organizations, as more women have taken on leadership roles, and as leaders have shifted their focus from power and control to empowering others. It’s an important story for any woman who is or who wants to be a powerful leader.

Donald Byles & Mackenzie Byles, Byles-MacDougall Funeral Services, Inc. After speaking with Donald and Mackenzie, it’s no wonder Storycorps wanted to tell their story. There is much to be learned from the positive and respectful way that Don and Mackenzie relate to one another, as father and daughter, boss and employee, owner and successor.

Jessica Lima Bollin, Director, Marketing and Communications Best Upon Request. Jessi’s story illustrates that daughters working in their family’s businesses often experience the business ups and downs very personally. We also learn from Jessi that knowing what you’re interested in, and what you’d like to pursue as a career, is helpful in establishing a role for yourself and helping you create the clarity and confidence you need to be seen as a leader in your family’s business.


Amy poses thought-provoking and meaningful questions based on her interviews with daughters in family businesses. The book helped me to think more clearly about my family’s dynamics and my role within our business. I plan to share it with my family members and other friends working in family businesses.

As I was reading, I kept thinking – she sounds like me! I’ve wrestled with many of the same issues and this book captured what it’s like to be a daughter in my family’s business.

The best way for me to learn is to hear about women who’ve had similar challenges. I realized what I was dealing with in my business was normal and I got a new perspective on how to deal with key issues in my own family!