Line of Sight

Have you heard the phrase “line of sight”? In business settings, it refers to the extent to which employees can point directly to how their work contributes to the success of the business—and “see” the way their efforts, large and small, have a clear link to business success. The idea is that employees who can see their line of sight feel more engaged, more motivated, and more committed.

In my work with women in family businesses, I’ve noticed that my clients often focus on the relationships within their business. They talk about conflicts among employees, among family members, and between both groups–and frequently about feeling caught in the middle.   But there’s one thing I rarely hear: how their work leads to meaningful business outcomes.

It’s not that my clients don’t have an impact on their family business-that’s always clear to me. But sometimes I wonder if it’s clear to them. And I wonder if they give themselves enough credit for the important roles they play in assuring that their business achieves its strategic and revenue goals.

So why is this important to you? Make sure that you are clear about your role and the impact it has. Create a visual-a map, a diagram-so you can really see the link between your behavior and business results. You will see how and when you make your most important impact. And you may also appreciate how your efforts to unravel conflicts can free up time and energy…or, perhaps, those that are simply not worth your time.

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