Ready for Prime Time

Take a moment and think about what it would be like to work for Robin Williams. What kind of boss do you think he’d be? You can get some idea by watching an episode of “The Crazy Ones”, a new show that features Robin Williams as the owner of an ad agency whose daughter works with him. Robin’s character is what you’d expect him to be-wildly creative, hilarious, charming…. and outrageous.

His daughter, played by Sarah Michelle Gellar, is what you’d expect her to be… …smart, competent, professional (like you)…and at times, completely frustrated.

Switch the channel and watch a current episode of “Modern Family”, the popular sitcom that features funny and flawed family members in a variety of situations and entanglements. In a new story line, Claire has started working for her dad, Jay, who owns a closet business. On her first day she goes overboard in her effort to be everyone’s friend. And she tries just a little too hard to let Jay’s employees know that she’s “just like them.”

Now, fast forward to the episode where Jay assures her he is definitely not watching every move she makes…while spying on her through a webcam as she crawls out of a closet…after locking herself in.

You get the picture-and the story line: daughters working for their dads has hit prime time.

This may surprise you…but your family’s business is a modern workplace!

Your father may be passive or controlling, relaxed or strict, outgoing or an introvert…but whatever his style, he’s your dad. And if you’ve chosen to work for him, your relationship with him will have a strong impact on your life and your career. And on his.

So…whatever your relationship with your father, keep your sense of humor. And help your dad keep his. A TV night together might not only make you both laugh, but also encourage both of you to talk about how you’re working together.

By the way, if there’s an episode from your work with your dad that you’d like to share, please do!

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