A Farmer’s Daughter Becomes an Entrepreneur as well as a Farmer | Rose Robson | Episode 037

Theme: Returning to Reinvent the Family Farm

Summary: A farmer’s daughter takes 40 acres from her family’s farm and turns it into a thriving fruit and vegetable business.

Featured Guest: Rose Robson

Contact: www.robsonsfarm.com

Key Quotes:

  • “Sometimes I feel like I was “late to the game”…I thought I was so old-at 26! But I learned so many things about customer service and delivering value when I worked in pharmaceutical sales.”
  • “I’m finding my management role. This year I’ve started to transition that way. Next year I would love to have more employees-in business you have so many ideas and creative thoughts. It’s hard to bring them to fruition when you are constantly in the field picking.”
  • “Farming’s a special legacy…and I’m an only child. I didn’t want it to end with me. You have to step up…you have to do it!”

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