Stressful situations at work – what’s in your first aid kit?

Hurricane Irma kept me glued to our TV this past weekend. My husband and I have family and friends who live there, so we were naturally worried about them and wondering what path the storm-and their lives-might take. But even if you don’t know people there, the storm probably stirred you up a bit, too.

My brother, who evacuated to Atlanta, told me that one of the most important questions his family dealt with was “what do we take with us, and what can we leave?” It’s a question that quite literally “cuts through the clutter”, forcing us to make choices about what we truly value. Since the weekend I’ve thought about what I would take and what I would leave if I had to leave my home, but I’m still not quite sure of my answer.

Perhaps my anxiety about Hurricane Irma made me quickly watch the short video that arrived in my email yesterday, titled “The Power of an Emotional First Aid Kit”.  In the video, Daniel Pink, an author and consultant, talks with Bonnie St. John about her recommendation that we all prepare for stressful days by keeping meaningful and comforting items close by, ready for when we need them. I like the idea of having something to turn to that can steady me when I’m in a stressful situation at work. You can watch the video here.

One advantage of working in family business is that you may not need an actual kit, since there may be a family member you can turn to instead, someone who knows you and can provide you with some advice or support. On the other hand since working with family members can be stressful, you may need a first aid suitcase!

I’m working on preparing my own emotional first aid kit. So far, I’ve put in a picture of my close friend Nancy, my go-to person when I’m upset. I’ve also put in a bracelet my mother wore to help me remember her wise and comforting way of calming me down.

What will you put in yours?

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