Sibling Rivalry and Teamwork

Fast Company magazine recently posted a short video showing Laura and Kate Mulleavy talking about the way they work together at Rodarte, the luxury fashion brand they created.

Take a look at the video here.

There are a lot of very impressive insights in Laura and Kate’s brief but meaningful conversation. Two ideas struck me. The first is that these sisters recognize that some kind of “sibling dynamic” characterizes all siblings. That may seem obvious, but I wonder if most siblings truly understand or are prepared for their “dynamic” when it transfers from their childhood home to the workplace. What are the patterns? How do they change? Does the dynamic work for or against the siblings-and their business?

In my work with daughters, I often hear about how much sibling conflicts affect their feelings at work. But I’ve also observed how meaningful it can be when siblings resolve their conflicts through the experience of working together. Rivalry can become teamwork as siblings appreciate their shared commitment to the business and their dependence upon each other’s unique contributions.

And the other idea that struck me? That, as Kate says, “I think every workplace should feel like family”. I’ve heard many family business leaders talk about their employees as “family”, but I’m not always so sure that the employees feel that way. I admire the Mulleavy sisters’ intention to create a sense of family within their company, and to become partners not just with each other, but also with the people they work with. It seems to me that they really do have fun, and I suspect their employees do as well.