The Unique Advantage of Working in a Family Business | Amy Schuman | Episode 040 (Encore)

Theme: What Daughters Can Offer to Family Businesses

Summary: Amy Schuman discusses the paradoxes that family businesses manage, how dealing with them can lead to business success, and the role that daughters can play in the process.

Featured Guest: Amy Schuman, Family Business Advisor and Author
Organization: The Family Business Consulting Group
Book: Family Business as Paradox
Key Quotes:

  • “Paradox is a hot topic now…family businesses ARE a paradox: head and heart, love and performance…two seeming opposites that can be complementary….you can gain so much in the process of wrestling with them.”
  • “There are certainly still many family businesses where the participation of women in the operations is not yet happening, or is happening for the first time.  I’m super conscious that these women are pioneers.”
  • “What shifts when women join the conversation? What could daughters bring that’s special and different?  The power of calm-of support, of time.”

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