Would You Put YOUR Family’s Business on Reality TV?


As you know, I’m interested in all things related to daughters like you.  And I’m glad that the media is starting to pay attention to you and the contribution you can make to your family’s business.

However, I was a bit surprised when I saw this:

Are you running a family business with your mother, daughter or sister? Is your business partner both your best friend and the person who drives you the craziest? 

Are you both loud, dynamic personalities who are not afraid to tell it like it is, especially to each other.

The quote is from a casting website for reality TV.  You, too, can be on a reality TV show…as long as you are comfortable being “loud and dynamic” about your family and your business. Some of you may be, but others may not.

Of course I’m glad that women are being recognized on TV.  As I’ve blogged about before, the theme of daughters working in the family’s business has been portrayed recently on Downton Abbey, Blue Bloods, and Modern Family.  And while the show The Crazy Ones has Robin Williams playing a dad working with his daughter, she is professional and smart and no crazier than the rest of us.

Just because I prefer Downton Abbey to The Real Housewives doesn’t mean I don’t recognize the entertainment value of reality TV. But to be honest, I am a bit concerned that a reality show featuring daughters in family businesses may make fun of what so many of you are trying to accomplish and jeopardize your credibility. I prefer to collect and share the stories of daughters – probably like you – who are working hard to assure the success of their business, while creating and sustaining positive relationships with their family members.

That’s the reality I’m interested in. I hope you are, too.  But if that show ends up on the air, you may find that watching it makes you feel a lot better about your business — and your family!


PS. I hope you’ll share YOUR story with me. I’ll be starting podcasts soon, so let me know if you’re interested in joining me for a conversation.

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