The Next Generation of Yuengling Beer

This week, instead of my usual Ask Amy column, I’m sharing a video with you recently produced by the New York Times. It features the family responsible for the Yuengling Beer business. It caught my eye because when I was writing my book a few years ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing Wendy Baker Yeungling and Jennifer Yuengling, two sisters who work in the business. I remember talking with them about their dad, about his commitment to working every day, and their growing awareness that succession planning was becoming an important issue.

The video not only features Wendy and Jennifer and other members of their family, but it also portrays how important a family business can be to a family, and how challenging it can be to manage the transition to the next generation of leadership.

Wendy and Jennifer are committed to the business, yet, unlike their dad, they want to spend time with their families and set clearer boundaries between home and work.

I hope you enjoy the video, and appreciate the candor of the Yuengling family, and the thoughtful way that Wendy and Jennifer are approaching their dad about the business that has shaped his life for so many years. They respect him tremendously, yet they will likely make different choices as their lives and the business evolve.

The Next Generation of Yuengling Beer via @nytvideo

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