Leveraging Empathy in the Introduction of New Technologies

I join Ramia El Agamy to discuss how introducing new technology into the family business is not an easy process but one that all businesses have to initiate sooner or later. With their strong empathy and communication skills, women have the ability to facilitate the process and lead the fourth Industrial Revolution. The key to an inclusive and smooth transition lies in developing expertise while asking the right questions on the social impact and unintentional consequences of new technologies.

Leveraging Empathy in the Introduction of New Technologies — Women in Family Business

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The Untold Benefits of Coaching

Have you ever considered leadership coaching?  As I’m sure you’ve realized, women in family businesses (and men as well), do have unique opportunities and challenges as they take on leadership roles in their family’s business.  In fact, just by working in family business, you can be viewed as a leader even if you don’t want to be.

Here’s a podcast I recorded with Ramia El Agamy.  We discussed how coaching works, the issues people bring to a coaching engagement, and the different ways a coach might work with you.  I hope you find it helpful.

The Untold Benefits of CoachingWomen in Family Business

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Mother and Daughter at Work & The Great Value of Good Advice

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I’ve been continuing to join Ramia El Agamy, the Editor of Tharawat Magazine and the newsletter, Women in Family Business, for a series of podcasts.  Ramia is creating world-wide recognition of the influence women are having on their family businesses, and I hope you enjoy my conversations with her and with our guests:

Mother and Daughter at Work — Women in Family Business
The Great Value of Good Advice — Women in Family Business

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Defining Success in Family Business

How do you define success in your family’s business?  It’s an important question with many possible answers – answers that may change as your career evolves.  Ramia and I discuss success in this podcast – I hope you enjoy it!

Ramia works in her family’s business, and her sisters do as well.  She’s the Editor of Tharawat Magazine and a co-founder of Women in Family Business.

Listen here:


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Changing Dynamics of Sibling Relationships

My conversations with Ramia M. El Agamy, Editor of Tharawat Magazine and Women in Family Business, are continuing to be very satisfying.  It’s fun for me to learn about family businesses around the world, and Ramia is certainly an expert with a wide-ranging view.

In this week’s podcast join Ramia and I as we discuss the changing dynamics of sibling relationships in family business… click here to listen in.

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Why We Have to Talk About Women in Family Business

In the next few months I’ll be sharing my conversations with Ramia M. El Agamy. Ramia is the Editor in Chief of Tharawat magazine, which focuses on family businesses and entrepreneurs. She also co-created Women in Family Business, which offers a wealth of content to women like you.

Ramia is a true global citizen who grew up in a family business. She is thoughtful and funny and devoted to family business interests and concerns. I hope you enjoy our conversations as much as I have!


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