How a Daughter Became a President | Kristy Knichel | Episode 043

Theme: How a Daughter Became a President

Summary: Kristy Knichel, President of Knichel Logistics, discusses what she learned from her dad, and what led her to make the choices that have helped the company adapt and thrive.

Featured Guest: Kristy Knichel
Contact:  724-449-3300, ext. 222 or
Key Quotes:

  • “I felt like I always had something to prove to my dad; there were times when even customers and vendors didn’t want to work with me because I’m a woman in a male-dominated industry.” 

  • “There’s a way to get the job done and be respectful about it.  I tell people we’re successful because of our employees. They’re more valuable than anything. I consider our employees and our vendors our customers.” 

  • “My husband was a stay-at-home father for two years; now he has his own business. We take turns.  We have a 50/50 agreement-it was our agreement before we had our son. 

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