How Managing a Family Fund Supports Leadership Development and Family Harmony | Mairi Mickel | Episode 017

Theme: Managing a Family Fund

Summary: Mairi Mickel describes her work in her family’s business, and how her role as Chair of her family’s fund led to her work as a family business advisor.

Featured Guest: Mairi Mickel, Chair of The Mickel Fund, and Family Business Advisor
Organization: The Mickel Fund

Key Quotes:

  • “It’s such a complicated space between family business and business issues…we didn’t have an advisor to take us through that journey.”
  • “The power balance has shifted…leaders have to engage their followers, rather than reverting to a command or control or military hierarchy. I found I started to challenge that (hierarchy). I think that daughters probably find that after they have a child and come back to work…you are less naturally obedient.
  • “If you ask challenging questions, you can be a catalyst for change…you can have success, and so can the business.”

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