Work with me

Interested in knowing how we can work together? Read on…

Facilitated Support:

I love working with daughters one-on-one. So I’ve developed a four session coaching package, which focuses on your personal and professional development using an online assessment. For more information, take a look here.

If you’re interested in a more intensive coaching package, or you have a major problem you need to resolve quickly, I’ll coach you for a day and together we’ll delve in and work hard to get you through whatever difficulty you’re facing. Click here for more information.

I know that many of you feel isolated and want to be part of a community of daughters who share your challenges and opportunities. I’ll be facilitating 2 small groups this spring which will meet for six months. If the group format appeals to you, click here.

Home Study

For those of you who want to figure things out at your own pace, in March of 2014, I’ll be offering a self-study program. I’ll get you started, and then after you’ve completed the program, I’ll check in with you and we’ll talk about what you’ve learned and develop a plan for your next steps.

These are my ideas for how Daughters in Charge can best support you. You may have some other ideas-and of course, I want to hear them. Just contact me here.

Amy Katz

After just a few sessions with Amy, my attitude about myself, my career and my professional future had shifted 180 degrees. She has a deep understanding of all the dynamics and subtleties that women in family businesses face on a daily basis, and she genuinely cares about the people she works with. Not only did she help me settle into a new position, but her insights, great questions and gentle prodding helped me to avoid some potentially sticky political situations at work.

—Erica C